Heritage conservation and management are a relatively young discipline, but are an integral aspect to any project. Ignoring historic value and sustainability of place are now an important aspect to building healthy communities. To strive to a better society, heritage management is a worthwhile investment and should not be an after-thought.

savanturier offers many services in planning, teaching, research, reporting and facilitation, including:

  • Heritage conservation guidance and advice
  • Architectural and historical research
  • Heritage assessments and impact studies
  • Heritage conservation plans (buildings, districts, landscapes and areas)
  • Planning submissions
  • Heritage reports and historic sites nominations
  • Statements of Significance and Statements of Cultural Heritage Value
  • Terms of References and Statements of Work
  • Heritage specifications and design reviews
  • Heritage registers, inventories and surveys
  • Heritage areas and cultural landscapes studies
  • Project support documents (project management)
  • Adaptive reuse strategies and and options analyses
  • Thematic studies and environmental scans
  • Group and community facilitation
  • Cultural tourism and marketing
  • Instruction and education in architecture, history, heritage
  • Rehabilitation and retrofit advice on historic buildings